Authorship and return to Public Domain statement

Mickey Mouse Spotted on Mercury!
Craters on Mercury, (NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington) – Source

All the works in this site have been originally produced by the members of the digital graphic arts studio Arinspunk. Unless otherwise stated1, we return them to the Public Domain.

And what can you do with these works?

Without previous consent of the authors, you can copy them in any format or means, reproduce in part or in whole their contents, sell copies, use the contents for a derivative work and, in general, you can do anything you are allowed to with the works of an author whose works have gone into the Public Domain.

And what can’t you do with these works?

When a work goes into the Public Domain the author has no economic rights over it anymore, but the moral rights are kept because they never come to an end. You can’t claim its authorship in part or in whole. If you quote our use a part of it to create a new work, you have to expressly mention the authors, its title and the font2. You are not allowed to use any work or parts of it to insult, abuse or commit crime against the honour of people and, in general, you can’t use them in a way that they infringe the moral rights of the authors.

1 We always include the license in the footer of all the articles.
2 For example, a sentence like this would do to mention this site: “Authorship and return to Public Domain statement” by Arinspunk.