Sunrise (or Sunset)


Sunrise, Sunset

Today we bring a new microinteraction microinteraction —true microinteraction since the previous attempt unfortunately had remained in macrointeraction. It is the back to top button at the footer of our website.

Have you seen it?

The truth is that we thought to make it more evident, adding an arrow or text, just as in the main menu, but finally stayed as it is: a sun on the horizon line (the sea) about to be born.


Todo o webdesign como conhecemos hoje é baseado em metáforas. Utilizamos botões por que são a coisa do mundo real mais próxima de algo que “ativa”. Chamamos links de âncoras. E browsers de janelas.

Dani Guerrato, Design para telas sensíveis ao toque
Our argument for deciding to act in this way was:

  1. By leaving the sun alone, some users may not realize that it is a button. It has no classic button shape (rectangular), nor is it accompanied by an icon (↑) or text that helps to understand what it is.
  2. By leaving the sun alone, microinteraction gains in poetry, for it is by interacting with it that it rises to the sky, thus creating a visual metaphor. And also in surprise, because what could be a small ornament: sun in the footer, acquires life (rises) when interacting with him and allows to do something useful, back to top.
  3. As the button is not a fundamental element for navigation in the site, whoever can return to the beginning by scrolling or dragging or finger, we chose to leave it with its simplest appearance: the sun only, a metaphor within a metaphor.

In another post we will explain how we made the button 😉

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